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Insights into our Investment Portfolio

TSC was founded in 2017 in Bratislava and now has 3 locations, Vienna, Bratislava and London. One of TSC's assets is its large and well-maintained network that extends far into the political and economic elites in Europe. This guarantees access to exciting companies and people with forward-looking ideas. One of the top investment products is early stage investment, which gives you the opportunity to get into emerging companies very early and thus achieve high returns.
TSC consists of the core management team and a network of experts who ensure legal security for investments.

TSC specializes in products that perform independently of stock market and its volatility. Our core management team carefully selects the projects, taking our investment values ​​into account, evaluating them and preparing them for our investors. What is important to us in all projects is environmental compatibility, sustainability and the people behind them.

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